lunedì 22 luglio 2013

Perlage Press after "Vino in Villa 2013"

Great success with the journalists after Vino in Villa 2013: there are some articles around the world which mentions Perlage and its organic wines!
Vino in Villa is one of the most important event for the Prosecco DOCG producers. An event that allow to know more about the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area, the culture, the territory and the tradition.

Alice Gundlach written an article about the Wine Market and how Perlage is present specifically in the german market. This market is absolutely our historic market: the organic wines by Perlage here are very reknowned and our products are easy to find in Organic Supermarkets "Schrot und Korn" und in specialist trade publications like Biohandel.

The asian journalists had a great attention about our products. They mentioned Perlage and our organic prosecco DOCG on "Wands", an international wines & spirits magazine for the trade in Japan.
Animae, Col di Manza and PerlApp are also on an article on Ming Pao Weekly, one of the first lifestyle and entertainment magazines in Hong Kong.
On Hong Kong Economic Times, the leading financial daily in Hong Kong you will find our no sulfites added Animae, instead.

A great edition this year! See you the next 2014 at Susegana, Castello San Salvatore!!

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