giovedì 21 marzo 2013

Perlage Organic Wines breaks the Stereotypes at Vinitaly!

Perlage is not conventional, not only because it produces organic wines since 1985.
An ecological stand, completely recyclable, high tech and low sulphites wines , elegant and colorful new bottles, social parties and worldwide awarded Proseccos di Valdobbiadene Docg, Organic and Biodynamic.
At Vinitaly in Verona, from 7th to 10th April, we are glad to present our world that … breaks the stereotypes!

 “We are Organic but also Gorgeous. We are Low Sulphites but also High Tech. We are Green but also Colorful. We love to party but we also sit down at the table. We are unique but also social. We are cool but also hot. We are Italian but we like to travel the world!” This is Perlage new philosophy.

Perlage is the historical winery of the Prosecco Docg area that produces high quality and certified organic wines since 30 years.
Our sparkling wines are known as the “Biobollicine” (literally “Organic Bubbles”) and are certified organic since 1985 and also have a wide selection of awards such as New York Times, Decanter, Wine Enthusiast and Wine and Spirits Magazine.
We presented the first No Sulphites Prosecco “Animae” at Vinitaly 2008, research that allow us to low the sulphites in the whole line. This year we will present the 2012 vintage which is more fruity with notes of apple and pear and it is more similar to a traditional Prosecco style. “Animae” (Gold Medal at Mundus Vini Biofach and 86 points on Wine Enthusiast) is perfect with all dishes, especially with shellfish, both raw or boiled and oysters.
At Vinitaly 2013 we will present also the restyling of our Proseccos and still wines line: we have created an elegant, modern and high communicative new outfit. We thought and made this restyling with Francescon&Collodi, one of the most important Italian graphic agency, winner of lots of “Packaging Wine Awards”.
Parties, green events, cooking shows and picnic in the vineyards are our passion because we are a family but we are also a big community of Perlagist! We love innovation and we love to be social: we created PerlAPP, a complete recyclable, low alcohol and high tech sparkling wine. It has an APP inside: you can scan the QR code and download this young application with lots of information about the ProseccoLand, Venice and its surroundings and some funny games. PerlApp gives its best with friends and for this reason we would like to enjoy it with a happy hour at our Stand!
 You are welcome to try our wines and visit our Stand at Vinitaly, completely Ecological (stand B6 pavillion 3) and it realized by P-ONE which is a modern sustainable design company. Perlage will have the coolest stand of the entire fair that breaks the stereotypes because it contains all that our values are: family, territory and health.

Because we love what we do and doing organics means the earth allow us to do it for longer!

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